Bling King Bikes


Yes there are always people in all walks of life that have their woes and hard luck stories that are down- trodden, sadly life deals evil blows to some. But then there are those that bitch for trivial reasons like they got klapped at the traffic light by a 257Kg Adventure bike when all they […]

You are probably sitting there with your morning coffee yawning and thinking, “Please not another lecture about bike safety Yes there are more comments, lectures, blogs, pontifications on this touchy subject than records of Bob The P@%$ Mugabes’ farm acquisitions. So why do people like the Bling King persist……? Very easy Comrade – there are too many riders […]

So it has been a busy week in da Bling King’s Shop – thanks to all the cuzzies that have supported us! But one thing that sticks in mind after chatting to all these customers is the strange thought pattern that has developed in the Souff Effrecan Dual Purpose bike riders. For some reason they absolutely begrudge having to upgrade their […]

To quote one my fave Rolling Stones numbers, ‘Please allow me to introduce myself’ …. Fellow petrol head, or as a girlfriend once called me – a boy dressed in a man’s leathers! We all try and lay blame on life’s circumstances for what we have become, my excuse is the school I went to. […]