To quote one my fave Rolling Stones numbers, ‘Please allow me to introduce myself’ ….

Fellow petrol head, or as a girlfriend once called me – a boy dressed in a man’s leathers!

We all try and lay blame on life’s circumstances for what we have become, my excuse is the school I went to. I arrived at a school in Rhodies called Lord Malvern, which was home to amongst others – the Petersen brothers. It didn’t matter a rat’s botty if you were First Team Cricket/Rugby/Netball/Water Polo, if you didn’t ride a bike you were nobody!

Well that is where the bug started that has been chewing my butt ever since.

I served my time racing just about anything that had a throttle attached. Hell I even tried four wheeled stuff like Hot Rods, Stock Cars and Rallying, but found that nothing gave me the thrill of racing on Two Wheels.

I am lucky enough to have ended up fulfilling my passion by extending it to the workplace. After running a BMW Motorrad Dealership for five years I went on my own and formed a company called Bling King Motorcycles.
Motorbikes are my passion and I love every aspect of biking. I love the people, I love their values, I love their passion. It doesn’t matter what you ride, be a Fat Boy, a GS, a Kymco Scooter or a luxury Bimota as long as you are riding, it is all that counts.

I love getting onto my GS Adventure and heading off to discover a new road, new town, new pass or new people. The awesome thing about biking is you can stop somewhere in a car and no-one will notice you. You stop in the same spot in some pondokkie little town on a bike and someone will take up a conversation with you! I have also been blessed to see sights in this country and sub Saharan Africa that most don’t see. I maintain that anyone who owns a GS or any Adventure bike will never emigrate, because they get to see how truly great our country is!

I am also passionate about Biker safety and served a good few years being involved with Think Bike and have tried as best I can to get people to think on a different level when it comes to staying alive on a bike.

We are very quick to blame others for the scourge of bike accidents that is on the increase on our roads. I always ask the same question, ‘whose hand was on the throttle at the time?’

I just wish I had more time to dedicate to helping bikers stay alive just that little bit longer. I recently got appointed to the FIM S.A. to represent Leisure & Touring, Biker Safety and Environmental Awareness. So with that and pages like these I can try and help keep just one more person from becoming a white cross on the roadside!

A liitle bit about Bling King Motorcycles. We are the S.A. Importers of Wunderlich, Pyramid Products, Cee Bailey’s Screens and of course my real passion which is Wilbers Suspension Solutions AG.

How cool is my life, working in a toy shop!

In future pages, I will be sharing tips, tricks, news and plus you are going to get the odd lecture on bike safety. Yes, yes I know this has been covered ad nauseum, but I am going to try and give you real time tips based on events that has happened to me in my daily commutes and how near disasters can be avoided.

I will also throw in a bit of track torque and stuff that will help you in track days etc.

So stick around and enjoy the ride with me!