With normal shock repairs like the ESA shocks on the previous Air-Cooled BMW’s it is possible to get away with repairing the existing seal head – which is main component that causes the leakage & failure.

It is no different with the BMW K50/51 LC Dynamic ESA Shocks. Except that it has been proven that it is IMPERATIVE to change the Seal Head with a new OEM one.

Other repairers have tried to repair these shocks by just changing the internal rubber seals and they fail again. Others have used generic seal heads and have failed. Often these repair failures cause the cylinder to wear and then you have a new problem as you cannot buy the cylinder as a separate shock part from BMW.

AT BLING KING we are the only shop able to source the OEM ZF/SACHS Seal Head as sole WILBERS Importers. This is thanks to WILBERS GmbH partnership with ZF/SACHS AG. We always replace the damaged SEAL HEAD with the new unit and our experience gained through training on the Dynamic ESA Suspension at WILBERS in Germany, enables us to complete an effective and lasting repair.

BMW Motorrad Dealers utilize us, why shouldn’t you!