We have established ourselves as one of the top five suspension repair experts in the country.

The thing that makes us stand above the rest is the care we take in replacing all the parts that need to be and not take shortcuts.

We take care to do a full strip of the shock. We assess the damages and replace ALL the service components, whether they need to be or not. It is what makes or repairs a lasting solution. If the seal head is damaged, we replace it, where most do not. If the seal head is serviceable, we replace all four service components: The Main Seal, Dust Seal, O Ring Seal (with imported German ones) and the Slide Bush. The shock shaft is inspected for damage and trueness, it is hard-chromed if need be, or honed. The internal cylinder is honed and the shim stack is properly separated and cleaned.

Our passion and care will ensure that your repair is the difference between a shock that works…….or doesn’t. The difference in ours and ‘others’ is shown below!