BLING KING Service Offering

Motorcycle Accessory Fitment

Naturally, accessory fitment is part of the BLING KING service offering. Sourcing premium brands, we take pride in fitting our own products and excellence in workmanship. All fitments at BLING KING are conducted at the highest industry standard ensuring your new BLING is safe and functional, as well as stylish.

Motorcycle Suspension and Tweaks

Suspension is a BLING KING specialty.  The WILBERS suspension brand from Germany is our main line of import and top quality suspension units that we are proud to hang our hat on. Whether you’re looking for a retro look from HAGON, raising, lowering or tweaking your suspension for a track day or tour, BLING KING has your back. We also do suspension repair and routine maintenance.

Motorcycle Servicing

Racking up the miles on your ride? Bring it over to BLING KING for a polish and pampering. We offer routine maintenance and services for selected makes and models, admittedly our blood is blue so BMW is always a favorite. All services are conducted with the professionalism and high standards you’d expect from BLING KING.

Motorcycle Accident Repair

BLING KING undertakes general and insurance repairs. From “It’s just a scratch” to serious ding, we’ve got you covered. With our skills in paint matching to part sourcing all glued together with great workmanship and a keen eye for detail, we’ll have your bike good as new in no time!

MTB Suspension

BLING KING also supplies and fits suspension for your “meat motor” bike.